Asset Management

Cook Alex’s asset management practice realizes that intellectual property portfolios of many companies contain untapped potential for significant strategic and intangible value. We are focused on releasing this untapped potential. We provide clients with individualized approaches to help them enhance the value of their intangible assets.

Major elements of this approach include:

Developing intellectual property strategies

  • Identifying business goals and objectives
  • Performing an independent audit of intangible assets
    • Classifying and analyzing assets
    • Identifying potentially undervalued and underutilized assets
    • Finding and analyzing gaps and redundancies in the portfolio
  • Reviewing intellectual property portfolios of competitors to gain in-depth knowledge of the competitive landscape and assess the risks of infringement
    • Evaluating strengths and weaknesses as well as trends in portfolio developments
  • Analyzing trends in the industry

Managing intellectual property portfolios

  • Identifying potential opportunities to increase the value of intangible assets through R&D, licensing, acquisitions, and partnerships
  • Reviewing policies, procedures and practices to reduce costs and exposure to litigation while increasing portfolio value
  • Evaluating and recommending methods to avoid potential litigation
  • Reviewing and clearing products as well as assessing exposure to risk