Cook Alex’s copyright practice provides exceptional capabilities for protecting, enforcing, defending and maximizing clients’ original works of authorship. These capabilities are applied to a broad continuum of original works including:
  • Software
  • Video Games
  • Book, Magazine and Music Publishing
  • Visual Arts, Theater and Dance
  • Television & Motion Pictures
  • Sculptural Works
  • Architectural Works
  • Multimedia

Cook Alex’s Copyright Practice provides the following copyright services to clients:


  • Counseling on copyright protection
  • Counseling on procedures and methods for developing, protecting, and licensing software
  • Identifying potential copyright candidates in intellectual property portfolios
  • Preparing and prosecuting copyright applications in the U.S.

Enforcement & Defense

  • Counseling on copyright enforcement and litigation avoidance
  • Investigating copyright issues, including ownership
  • Litigating copyright infringement

Value Maximization

  • Counseling on enhancing the value of copyrights
  • Providing due diligence support for corporate acquisitions involving copyrights